NASS Insider

May 05, 2020

Referral Advantages: 20% for You and Colleagues + Added Free CME

NASS recently launched a new 20/20 Referral Program (see full details at through which members receive 20% off their dues for every eligible colleague they refer to NASS through the program. Additionally, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NASS has opened its 2019 meetings On-Demand to members: Annual Meeting (78 CMEs), Summer Spine Meeting (18 CMEs), and Evidence & Technology Spine Summit (24.75 CMEs)…previously a value of $2,699 at

With the addition of this valuable benefit, now is an excellent time to refer colleagues to NASS through the 20/20 Referral Program so that they can also receive this benefit and both can save on dues. To participate members should:
  1. Send their personalized referral link (found in their NASS MyAccount) to nonmember colleagues.
  2. Let these colleagues know that they will receive 20% off their first year of dues when using this link.
  3. Once an eligible referral completes the application review process, NASS will apply a 20% discount to the member’s next year of unpaid dues.
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