NASS Insider

June 30, 2020

NASS 2020 Annual Meeting Goes Virtual

As meeting dynamics evolve and technological innovations drive us forward, NASS is excited to bring the spine community the virtual NASS 35th Annual Meeting.

The meeting will deliver outstanding scientific research and educational content through presentations, debates, Q&A sessions, surgical demonstrations, chats and a product gallery with all the latest industry has to offer. All in consumable chunks of time that will allow you to gain insight and CME/CE while maintaining your daily schedule.

The user-friendly platform will enable live interaction with other attendees as well as scheduling chats with industry representatives regarding their latest offerings.

As we have all oriented ourselves to using various technologies as part of daily life, NASS is eager to present the latest way to engage with the 35th Annual Meeting.

NASS has been in discussions for some time to address the challenges of hosting a meeting at the San Diego Convention Center and the related hotels. However, California is not ready to host on-site meetings of our magnitude so the meeting will be on a virtual platform. While we are disappointed, this decision provides a new opportunity to host our meeting on a virtual platform.

More details will be available soon at Additionally, view meeting updates on our social media outlets.