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Annual Meeting

NASS Announces 2016 Recognition Award Winners

During its 31st Annual Meeting, the North American Spine Society (NASS) announced the winners of its prestigious 2016 Recognition Awards. NASS presents four annual awards to recognize unique and outstanding contributions to the field of spine care and research.

Member News

“Driver” Tops Spine Specialists’ List of Most Back-Breaking Jobs

“Driver” tops the list of careers that spine specialists consider most harmful to back health, according to a member survey from the North American Spine Society (NASS). Other careers on the “Top 10 Back-Breaking Jobs” list are construction worker, nursing, office worker, manual laborer, dentistry, warehouse worker, mechanic, factory worker, and mother.

Member News

Summer Road Trip? Spine Specialists Caution: Remember your POSTURE

Relatively low gas prices, high airfare and painfully long TSA lines are pushing more families than ever to head out on the highways this summer. But before the rubber meets the road, spine specialists caution travelers to check their "POSTURE," an easy-to-remember acronym for seven tips to keep back pain at a distance.

Member News

To Benefit U.S. Veterans, Spine Foundation Hosts February Weekend of Education, Fun & Fundraising

On February 5 and 6, U.S. veterans will get a much-needed boost from an educational, fun, and inspirational weekend designed to raise awareness and funding for research into spine disability. All proceeds raised from the events will be used to fund a ground-breaking research collaboration of the North American Spine Foundation, the RAND Corporation and the National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations.

Annual Meeting

3D Printing in Spine Care: Novelty or New Frontier?

While 3D printing technology has been around for decades, it has only recently approached the point of cost effectiveness, giving spine specialists reason to finally stop dreaming and start thinking of practical applications that will help their patients, according to presenters at the NASS 30th Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting

The Spine Journal and NASS Announce 2015 Outstanding Paper Awards

The Spine Journal and NASS announced two winners of the 2015 Outstanding Paper Awards at the 30th Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society (NASS). The Spine Journal and NASS sponsor the annual Outstanding Paper Awards program to recognize excellence in unpublished research in spine care.

Annual Meeting

Treatment Controversy: SI Joint in Spine Conditions

For spine specialists, a hot topic is the role of the sacroiliac joint (SI joint)—the spot where the iliac and sacrum meet in the pelvis—in lower back pain. While some specialists discount the joint’s role in lower back pain, others insist that it is actually the overlooked root cause of many patients’ pain, leading to inappropriate care and in some cases, incorrect surgery. Symposium presenters at the NASS 30th Annual Meeting will attempt to sort through the facts of SI joint pain and its diagnosis and treatment.

Annual Meeting

Is it Possible to Manage Postsurgical Pain without Opioids?

Nearly two million Americans live with opioid abuse or dependence. Each year, nearly 17,000 Americans die from prescription opioid overdoses, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Presenters at the NASS 30th Annual Meeting say spine specialists may not always need opioids to successfully manage their patients’ significant postoperative pain.

Member News

North American Spine Foundation Issues Its First-Ever Research Grants: Children’s Spine Foundation

Just one year after its launch, the North American Spine Foundation (NASF) is pleased to announce its first research grant recipient, the Children’s Spine Foundation. The organization will receive two NASF 2015 Pediatric Research Grant Awards, one for research into the incidence of pediatric spinal deformity and another to investigate the financial burden and parental impact in families dealing with early onset scoliosis.